Your 2019-2020 OFLTA Officers

I am honored to be the 2019-20 OFLTA President and am proud to be a member of such an important organization run by passionate language teachers who have been working to support our profession for sixty years. One of OFLTA’s main goals is to provide exposure to new methods, ideas, and practices by offering invaluable professional development from outstanding teachers statewide and guest presenters who are at the forefront of the language teaching profession nationwide, and I myself have greatly benefited from this.  I have been a French teacher at Casady School in Oklahoma City for twenty-five years and just recently through OFLTA learned a new way of teaching that has given a second life to my career, enriching both my professional life and the learning experience of my students. Another thing that makes OFLTA great is the opportunity it provides to form friendships with colleagues across the state, to share experiences, frustrations, ideas, and aspirations. Teaching can be a lonely profession and language teachers especially can find themselves without peers with whom they can collaborate or share ideas.  Come join us!
Join OFLTA to become a member of this important community of language educators.

 - Lynn Robertson

Lynn Robertson

Zach Grimm

Dr. Rebecca Borden
​Dr. Joseph Terantino
Allison Lucas
Recording Secretary
AATG President
Krista Steiner

AATSP President 

AATF President
John Hansen
Alice Nan
Warren Pratt
Liaison for Native American Languages
Dr. Mara Sukholutskaya
Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Russian

Dr. Jie Zhang 

 Chinese Language Teachers Association Oklahoma

Desa Dawson
Co-Chair Advocacy

Pengpeng Jiang

Early Childhood Learning

Jessica Lanterman

At Large New Member Liaison
Ezequiel Madrigal
Registration Chair
Julie Oppel
Jazmin Alvarado
Katelin Frantz
Social Media Chair

OK Foreign Language Council of College Chairs

Carina Chiossi-Plett,NBCT
Awards Chair
Deanna Roach,NBCT

Seal of Biliteracy Chair

Lindsay MacDonald,NBCT

OFLTA Representative to SWCOLT

Dr. Cathleen Skinner

Ex-Officio of WLOE at the OSDE


Whitney Stafford-Najibi

OFLTA Executive Secretary-Treasurer/Interim Webmaster

Dr. Lowell Dunham


​Oklahoma Foreign Language Teachers' association

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