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2016 Fall OFLTA Conference

"Navigating the Proficiency Seas: Helping students get to the other side"

When:  Saturday, September 24, 2016

Where: John Marshall High School

Time:  8:30 am - 3:50 pm, Lunch provided

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Session Descriptions

BreakoutEDU - Darcy Pippins, M.Ed., NBCT Norman High School - English
A new craze that has students (and teachers) begging for more! I hope you breakout!The escape room craze has made it to language teaching! Participants will have to solve the puzzle to BREAKOUT! This is a way to engage students culturally, make connections, and communicate in the target language. Students don't even realize they are learning.

First Days in My Zero Level C.I. Classroom - Caleb Allison, Central Junior High, Moore-Spanish/English
Speaking the target language the entire hour in an entry level class is easy. Being comprehensible is not. I'll take you through my first few weeks of lesson plans and how I build a culture of language in my room day one. You will even be equipped with a story to do on Monday.

Grammar Shortcuts, Decoder Rings and Eselsbrücken -Dr. Hans R. Nollert, University of Central Oklahoma - German/English
We emphasize communicative success, organize project based learning and diminish anxieties from day one. However, right after asking “What’s the word for … ?” students of nearly all levels and all abilities ask for clarity. Get and share are some useful, quick, and compact helping tools for guidance on grammar. This session targets instructors of Intermediate level students, with application for elementary level and advanced, too. While the grammar tricks tend to reproduce an analytical and alienated relationship to a learned language, building confidence and understanding of rules helps to alleviate anxiety among some students and helps all students internalize the grammar. Of the five concentrations designated by ACTFL, this presentation highlights linguistic comparisons, while supporting presentation skills and interpersonal communication.

How to Grow your Program - Zach Grimm and Lindsay MacDonald - Westmoore High School - English
Hear about a successful effort to grow a WL Program in our own state. Presenters will share different ways to promote world language programs and excitement for language learning  to students, parents, counselors, and principals.

“It’s not what they know” Performance-based assessments - Laura Sexton, Gaston Early College -Spanish/English
We show what we value through what we assess, and the value of language lies in communication. Practice setting up assessments that help students progress in interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication--and may lighten your grading load in the process!

MovieTalk - Darcy Pippins, Norman High School - Chinese/English
Participants will learn the history and purpose of MovieTalk. They will participate in several MovieTalks  and have a chance to try it and be coached!

PBL Building Blocks - Laura Sexton, Gaston Early College - English
Walk through the process for designing a PBL unit that fits your curriculum, your schedule, and your students. See examples of effective projects from Level I and Level II.  Explore routines and assessments that engage all three modes of communication, incorporate comprehensible input, meet district and department expectations, and also scaffold a meaningful real-world  experience that engages and inspires your students.

There is an App for That! -Taja Egert, Bishop McGuinness Catholic School - English

Using Apps, participants will learn possible solutions to the various challenges we face when teaching a language. The goal is that teachers walk away with at least one app that will make learning and or teaching more enjoyable and meaningful. The apps presented will allow for opportunities to practice and assess interpersonal speaking and writing, presentational modes of communication and listening skills. It supports continued study of a language through varied activities that suit the student's interests as well as targets specific learning goals.

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