Who needs to fill out the Conference Registration Form?

Anyone who plans on attending the conference. Even if your school is paying for you with a P.O., you still need to fill out the Conference Registration Form. This helps us plan sessions, catering and other items.

I am a first year teacher (new to the profession), are my conferences free?

Yes! You must fill out the online membership form. You must still register for the conference online and pay for membership.

How do I pay for a Conference?

  • Online with our secure Paypal in the Payment Center
  • ​Venmo - @OFLTA
  • OFLTA Invoice (must request)
  • On-site with a card (Paypal)
  • Cash (exact change only please)
  • School Purchase Order

How do I get my conference Attendance Certificate?

Once the conference is over, an email will be sent out to you after you have completed the Conference Survey. Please make sure that we get your email address if you register on-site so that you will receive the survey!

My school is paying with a P.O. What do I need to do?

One copy of the P.O. can be sent to Whitney Stafford-Najibi before the conference, or you can bring it the day of the conference.  If there is more than 1 person listed on the P.O. only one copy is needed. Each person must still register for the conference individually.  At the conference, please check in with Registration before you get your name badge. This way we can verify your email to make sure you will receive post-conference emails.

How do you decide where conferences will be held?

Fall Conferences are held at the home school of the OFLTA President. Spring Conferences and Winter Workshops are planned outside the OKC area, when possible.  If you are interested in hosting a conference or workshop, please let us know! 

I want to present at an OFLTA conference.  Do presenters get a discount?

Yes! The OFLTA Board recognizes the effort that goes into planning a conference session.  Starting in the Fall of 2019, presenters will get a $10 discount on conference registration, and will receive a Presenters ribbon to place on their conference badge.  Presenters must be a member of OFLTA.