OFLTA Spotlight: Oklahoma's "Best of" at ACTFL

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At OFLTA's annual fall conference on September 22nd, we announced our TOY for the 2018-2019. We are honored to have Deanna Roach represent world language education in Oklahoma. Deanna is in her 27th year of teaching and currently teaches Spanish at Norman North High School. Prior to that, she served as World Languages Curriculum Coordinator for Oklahoma City Public Schools. She has been a National Board Certified Teacher since 2006 and was named Deer Creek High School's Teacher of the Year in 2009. Deanna has presented at both local and regional conferences. Her session on Comprehensible Input was selected Best of Oklahoma at fall OFLTA Conference in 2016. She was the previous Secretary and Treasurer for OFLTA and also served on a state committee to write the Oklahoma Academic Standards for World Languages.

"I am so grateful to have had the privilege all these years to see students use what they have learned in my class to make a difference in their realm of influence.  Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing my students grow up to become world changers, all because they learned to connect with others in another language.  One of my former students is in law school to become an immigration attorney.  Another works for a British law firm in New York City and is the attorney for a Spanish shipping company.  Another is in Washington, D.C. working for the Department of State.  More than I can count have gone on to double major or minor in Spanish in college or have used Spanish on missions trips with their churches.  Doctors able to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients.  Teachers able to communicate with parents of their students.  Politicians with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the unique cultures in our Spanish-speaking communities.  Business owners who can better serve their Spanish-speaking customers and communicate with their Spanish-speaking employees.  What I do each day matters beyond my classroom and beyond even my students' lives.  What an incredible calling!" 

Deanna Roach, M.Ed., NBCT

Spanish Teacher

​Norman Public Schools

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OFLTA's Teacher of the Year 2018-2019 : Deanna Roach M.Ed., NBCT


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I have taught for 20 years.  During that time, I have taught every grade level and nearly every subject available, even band and PE.  I have taught in private schools and public schools in Texas, Oklahoma, and Guatemala.  I’ve spent the last eight years teaching 7th and 8th grade Spanish at Highland West Jr. High in Moore, Oklahoma.  I attended OFLTA for the very first time nine years ago.  OFLTA opened my mind to greater possibilities.  I became a student of teaching Spanish using best practices, such as comprehensible input, storytelling, TPRS, FVR, and other techniques.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I would not be the teacher I am today without OFLTA’s influence and guidance.

 As I continue to grow in this profession, I continue to add teaching techniques to my classroom.  Brain breaks was the technique I focused on last year.  I spent the summer researching all types of brain breaks and how to incorporate them in the room.  Since I spent so much time researching brain breaks, I decided to share a workshop with other OFLTA members. It was an honor to be named “Best of Oklahoma.”  This allowed me to share the workshop at SWCOLT.  I couldn’t believe the turnout for this workshop.  I conservatively took 75 copies of my handout with me, and I came home with just 3 copies.  Being at SWCOLT was very inspirational.  I sat in lectures by some of the best World Language teachers in the nation, and I was able to learn from them.  SWCOLT helped me grow even more as a teacher and I can’t wait to use some of what I learned in my room this fall. 

 As I said, some of the nation’s best teachers presented at SWCOLT.  I was shocked when I found out I was “Best of SWCOLT.”  I will present Brain Breaks one more time at ACTFL in November this year.  I am honored and humbled to represent all of the language teachers from OFLTA and SWCOLT.

Diane Portillo

Spanish Teacher

Moore Public Schools