OFLTA Teacher of the Year

The Oklahoma Foreign Language Teachers’ Association (OFLTA) awards the Oklahoma Language Teacher of the Year to one of its members every year. The award recipient competes at the Southwest Conference on Language Teaching (SWCOLT) in the spring for the Regional Language Teacher of the Year. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) will then choose one of the 5 regional finalists to be named the National Language Teacher of the Year at their annual conference in November.
The award was developed to: Elevate the status of our profession at the state, regional, and national levels; promote our profession at the state, regional, and national levels; and create media opportunities to increase the visibility of the importance of learning languages and cultures to the general public.

To nominate a teacher or to self-nominate, complete the form at this link.
(Nominators and Nominees must be in good standing with OFLTA.)
Deadline: Nominations must be received by the close of the Spring Conference.

Lowell Dunham Award for Excellence in Teaching a Foreign Language

The Oklahoma Foreign Language Teachers’ Association has established the Lowell Dunham Award to recognize outstanding teachers in the field of foreign language education. These teachers should demonstrate: Dedication to the teaching of foreign language, knowledge of current theory and practice, and implementation in the classroom, exceptional qualities and enthusiasm, leadership in the foreign language profession in Oklahoma.

The Awardee will be selected by the OFLTA Board upon the recommendation of an independent award committee. One Award will be presented each year that the committee and Board deem appropriate. The Award will be presented at an OFLTA Annual Conference.

A packet of materials will be sent to the nominated teacher for completion by the nominee, with recommendations from a principal, a colleague, and a student. 

The Award will consist of: A plaque for the teacher, a traveling plaque for the teacher’s school, a year of free membership and registration at all OFLTA sponsored events, a check for $100 for classroom use, a corsage/boutonniere sent to the school on the day named for the teacher during National Foreign Language Week, and a seat at the head table during lunch at the OFLTA Annual Conference. OFLTA will also request the superintendent of the district to name a day during National Foreign Language Week to honor the winner.

The Award is open to all OFLTA members, except to currently serving OFLTA Executive Board Members. To nominate a teacher, please complete the form at this link. 

Alfred L. Gage Professional Service Award
The OFLTA Alfred L. Gage Professional Service Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and service to the foreign language teaching profession. Because this award is reserved for exceptional service, it may not be awarded some years.

The criteria for selection are: 

  • The recipient must have evidenced outstanding commitment and provided notable service to the foreign language teaching profession.
  • The recipient must be a resident of Oklahoma and an OFLTA member.
  • Persons currently serving on the OFLTA Executive Board are not eligible to be nominated for this award.

Deadline: Nominations must be submitted no later than February 1.

The award winner will be notified by, and will formally receive this award at, the OFLTA’s annual meeting.
To nominate an outstanding educator for this award, complete the form at this link.

Best of Oklahoma

The Best of Oklahoma Award is given to an outstanding presenter at our annual Fall Conference. Conference attendees select Best of Oklahoma on the conference evaluation form. The Best of Oklahoma receives a stipend to attend a regional conference of their choice (SWCOLT or Central States) and represent Oklahoma. 

There are no set criteria for Best of Oklahoma; however, the following should be kept in mind when choosing which workshop presenter should represent Oklahoma at a regional conference:

  • Is the presenter informed on current language teaching practices and theories?
  • Does the presenter promote language proficiency and second language acquisition?
  • Will the presenter represent Oklahoma well?

Friend of Foreign Language Award
The OFLTA is cognizant of the support that it receives from it patrons. This award is given by our members to recognize non-World Language teachers who have demonstrated support and/or advocacy for World Language teaching, learning, or programs. The recipient of this award receives a certificate from the OFLTA and may be presented to him/her at an OFLTA Conference, or at another venue (school board meeting, faculty meeting, etc)


Teacher is a current member in good standing with OFLTA
Nominee may not be a teacher or former teacher
The nominee must have demonstrated support and/or advocacy of World Language teaching. learning, or programs

The “Desa Dawson” World Language Education Advocacy Award
The World Language Education Advocacy Award promotes the concept that World Language education is an investment in our future, a right of our students and recognizes educators and non-educators (one person or a group) who have made major contributions to the advancement of the teaching of World Languages and Cultures in Oklahoma. The purpose is also to focus public attention on the need for Languages as part of a Well-Rounded Education and to strengthen relationships between education and other sectors as well as between teachers and educational partners.

Candidate(s) can be nominated by any member of OFLTA by completing the appropriate application form and submitting the form to the Awards Chair by December 31 each year.

OFLTA Awards 

For more information about our awards, please contact our Awards Chair at oflta@oflta.org