Message from the President

Dear All,

I am so excited to share this year with you and our colleagues. These are challenging yet fascinating times for educators, especially in Oklahoma. We are redefining education.  We are facing the greatest opportunity to advocate for the benefits of global education, and as it has been said, world language education it is not a privilege but a right. Participation in World Language education has been shown to close achievement gaps and provide significant cognitive and educational benefits to all learners, empowering them to better serve our national interests, in the areas of global security, economic growth, social justice and even science. We, as a community of educators, are strategically positioned to have great impact on the future of our society.  We can and we must influence others to value multicultural diversity and there is no better way to gaining a deep understanding of diverse perspectives than through the exploration that takes place in the World Language classroom.

It is my intention to share worthy resources via our conferences, Edmodo page and website. From the hearts of each of us this can help us build and maintain a meaningful, reciprocal, professional conversation. Our professional learning community is a valuable resource, let us continue our dialogue. 

Serving Oklahoma students,

Carina Plett

Carina C. Plett, NBCT

OFLTA President

2014 OFLTA Teacher of the Year

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