"Foreign language study is simply part of a very basic  liberal education: to “educate” is to lead out, to lead out of confinement and narrowness and darkness."    

-Renate Latimer, Associate Professor Emerita of German,  Auburn University  

G​reetings​! I would like to take this  opportunity to introduce myself. My name is  Melanie Reynolds and I’m so very delighted  and greatly honored to be named your  incoming president for ​OFLTA​. My family  and I live near Ada, OK where I teach  Spanish Intro, I and II, as well as ESL. We  live in the country where we enjoy life with  our grandchildren, two dogs, and a cat. We  enjoy reading, traveling, attending the Dallas  Symphony, Theatre, and Opera, as well as an  occasional baseball game.  

As this coming school year rapidly  approaches, I know that there are many  pressing issues on the hearts and minds of  educators across the state of Oklahoma.  While there are no easy answers to such  difficulties such as school funding and other  political issues, there are certainly things we  as educators ​can do​. For example:  ADVOCACY for the urgent need of ​World  Languages education and the approval of the  SEAL OF BILITERACY ​ that has been adopted  across many states​.
​  ​“It may be one of the  game changers that will help us turn the tide  in this country and help us focus on raising a  multilingual citizenry,”​ said Marty Abbott,  executive director of the American Council  on the Teaching of Foreign​ Languages when 
speaking about the​ Seal of Biliteracy.

If we are truly serious  about aiding our students  in reaching their full  potential as proficient  users of their L2, we must  as members of a  community of  professionals dedicated to  the continuance of World  Language studies reach out to the society  around us and try and help them see how  great the need is. We must help them  understand the importance of the pursuit of  multicultural studies and the value of using  other languages in today’s global society.   There has been no greater time than the  present to advocate for World Languages.  We can do our best to bridge the information  gap that seems to be so prevalent in today’s  world of bureaucrats, and ​I’m asking each of  us to reach out to those in position of power,  such as lawmakers, superintendents, school  principals, parents, and other stakeholders  that may lend a listening ear to our cause.  Together we can make a difference. ​We all  have a wonderful opportunity to be part of  OFLTA​ and be a ​CHANGEMAKER for the  benefit of World Language studies.

I do so look forward to the time and  resources we will share together in this year.  We may be living in uneasy and uncharted  waters in the world of education as daily we  face new challenges of budget constraints  and unrealistic expectations of those outside  the world of education, but I know that the  World Language Teachers of Oklahoma will  rise to the occasion.  As language enthusiast  and educators, we must do our best to help  raise awareness in the value and enrichment  learning another language brings to one’s  life. Together we can work to see the  changes come about that will bring positive  outcomes for the youth of our state.  Together we win. ​Join OFLTA today!  

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